Monday, March 14, 2011

Tap, tap, tap, is this thing on?

The following is a speech given through my imaginary megaphone...

Is she making an impression on you? Does she have serious duds? Impossibly beautiful hair? Flawless face? A big fat car parked in front of a big fat house filled with big fat furniture, but not a smidge of fat anywhere else? OH! She must be so happy with all of that pretty stuff and all of that gorgeous perfection.

Well that's just gross.
Don't be impressed by the fance and schmance.
You want to know who makes an impression on me? The mom who giggles with her grown daughters.  The old lady jumping off the diving board. The grandma at lunch with her teenage grand kids. The wife of 50 years.
Be impressed by the life and love.

Wouldn't your days be just a little more meaningful if you spent your time showing off for your children instead of your neighbors?  Or maybe put your effort into making someone smile instead of making them jealous? Fall asleep at night being proud of the person you are, instead of the stuff you have.