Sunday, March 6, 2011


I just realized that my FIVE year old is already smarter than me.  If we were lines on a graph chart, my line would be a slow and steady incline, and her line would be a rocket to the moon.
She carries around a little backpack full of common sense. I can trust her judgements. I can rest assure that if she does make a poor choice she is prepared to face the consequence. I don't have to be, and I won't ever have to be that mom who gives a slight turn of her head, raises her eyebrows, and looks at her daughter out of the corner of her eye and doubts her daughters decisions.
She's on her own journey. All I will do is help her prepare. I will just keep helping her fill that little backpack, with common sense and experience and maybe some of those fun packets of dehydrated food. It's her job to draw the map. My head will be full of gray hair, and my face wrinkled from worry, but she will make it the moon.