Thursday, February 7, 2013

So 2011.

Hello, my name is Jami and I JUST stumbled upon the source of "put a bird on it." I kept hearing/seeing it, and sort of got the idea, but I always wondered where it came from. But thanks to our lame cable package offering a free month of IFC, and our trusty DVR, the fog has lifted.
The dots are connected. The clouds have parted.
Thank you and good night. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Want Candy

I have this weird compulsion to want to bite into jewelry with big bright pretty beads. Glass, acrylic, vintage... it doesn't matter.
 I will pick it up and say, "Oh! I want to EAT it!"
To which any person within earshot will give me a strange look and slowly back away.
"What? Don't you want to eat it?"
"No, I really don't." They say.
Take a peek at some super sweet baubles that I'd love to sink my teeth into...
Painterly Chunky Bead Bracelet Set of  Three with Green Silk Ribbon
nest pretty things on Etsy
Chunky Post Earrings Vintage Aqua Blue Glass Jewel Tiffany Brass Setting Surgical Steel Post Earrings - Wedding, Bridal, Bridesmaid, PreppyApple Green Post Earrings - Vintage Chunky Oval Glass Jewel Surgical Steel Post Earrings -Preppy, Wedding, Bridal, BridesmaidVintage Bright Yelow Glass Jewel Post Earrings
silver lining decor on Etsy

Image of Coral Bubble Necklace
urban peach boutique

Tell me your mouth isn't watering?!