Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday, y'all

It's a shameful confession, but stay-at-home-moms secretly get a little bit of a kick out of Mondays.
But there's a whole world full of you people feeling like updating your status to "UGH" today.
I know you hate to see your weekend end. I know you might still be hungover (you? no!).  I know you hate to have to get back to boring old business... the traffic, that cranky boss, your reheated lunch.
Just take it easy. Keep in mind that there are people in this world who would give anything to get back boring old business. I think about those people in Japan, or Libya. I think about the patients in a children's hospital. I think about my friend with a broken heart. I think about my neighbors who are at their loved one's bedside waiting to hear her last breath.
So if you have nothing to complain about, then don't.