Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bake Me a Cake

Ay-yay-yay. Yet another snowfall.
Headed out this morning to bring Little Miss to school. Trudged through the snow to the car. Brushed the snow off the car. Scrape-scrape-scraped the ice off the windows. Got in the car. Turned around to drive out of the driveway. Realized my wiper blades were frozen. Got out of the car and bang-bang-banged on them to un-freeze them. Got back in the car. My car was stuck. Thought maybe I was being tested for patience. Reverse. Forward. Reverse. Turn the wheel. Forward. Repeat. Still stuck. Remembered the road to school is currently covered by the Minnesota River and the detour to get to school is a minimum maintenance road with a sign that says: travel at your own risk. Realized I wasn't being tested for patience, I was being told to stay home. I'd rather be stuck in my own driveway than curvy, hilly, cliffy, unplowed, gravel country road. Trudged back in the house. Baked a cake.

We discussed that when baking a cake, you don't have to roll it, or pat it, and you certainly don't have to mark it with a B. I was informed that ours would say Happy Wednesday, and it would be purple.

Chief Egg Cracker

Chief Spatula Licker (in our house we believe that the benefits outweigh the risks).

She had to pick purple. Purple is my least favorite color in America. It made me sick just to look at it. Although I could have been getting sick from: A. licking cake batter, or B. eating too much frosting as I was mixing it. You never know.  
In the name of all things ugly. Who wants a piece'a that, huh?
Decided to leave out the Wednesday. Clearly, I cut the piping bag hole too big, and besides our Happy Wednesday cake would be out of style by Thursday.

I know. It tasted delish though, really. Looks aren't everything. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Beauty is only skin/frosting deep.
Do you know what my Sweet Little Ladybug said to me when we were done? She said:
"Thanks, Mom. For doing that with me."
Now that is sweet.