Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ask my favorite antique shopping pals what I hate to run into while at our favorite shops, sales, or flea markets, and they'll rattle off this list:
  • taxidermy
  • fur coats
  • old wigs
  • teddy bears
  • stuffed toys
And last but not least
  • dolls, doll parts, doll heads
Basically anything fury, hairy, or with fake eyes will give me a shiver in my neck.
One day I was at my favorite junk joint and I saw this precious little face staring at me and I was struck by the fact that she didn't make me nauseous. Her tag said $1.50 and it was store-wide half price day, so I handed 3 quarters to the lady who rang me up. She looked at me like I was crazy, and she held it with the tips of her thumb and index finger as she put it in my bag.
I don't need to do too much market research to discover that this little doll head is quite and ineffective marketing tool. But this morning she caught the attention of a fellow MN Etsian, Beth from one30oneDesign and look what she did...

And then this listing popped up from one of my favorite vintage shops, The Fancy Lamb...

So THERE. Show some love for the creepy doll head... because she's watching you... (insert neck shiver)