Saturday, March 19, 2011


So just a few short hours after proclaiming that I needed some new shades, word on the street spread that Forever21 was giving 100% of proceeds for the day to relief efforts in Japan. Now friends, if we can justify a shopping experience with a cause for humanity and put four wheels on it, I will always hop on that bus (uh, yeah, a bus to Shallow Town, I know, I know).
I didn't have it in me to shop the clothes*, because you know, there's a lot of like that happens between 21 and 29, so I stocked up on accessories. Lots of them! Including 4 sets o' shades, $5.80 a piece (uh, yeah, hopefully their good deed toward Japan will momentarily compensate for their manufacturing methods that allow them to sell a pair of sunglasses for that cheap).
Yes, I purchased the snazzy pink ones. I was inspired by the bold choice of little Miss Hot Lips in my previous post. Hooray!

*If they would have named it something like ForeverMe, or ForeverLovely, or maybe just Forever, I pro'lly would have shopped the clothes. I hope to never get too schlumpy, but I strongly believe in age appropriateness. They have a sister store called Heritage81, which I have no problem shopping. It's the year I was born. And it will always be the year I was born, and that makes me feel okay about buying clothes there. Whoa! Asterisks are fun.