Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bon Apetit

I watched Julie and Julia last week (yes, I'm about a year and a half behind in the world of cinema). Ever since, this is what the inside of my brain looks like...

1950 Roadmaster Estate Wagon. I could SO pull this off.

Again, with the stripes, I know. Skirts by Anne M Cramer... if you are wearing socks, prepare to have them knocked off.

While I'm not quite inspired to "master the art of French cooking" I am fully inclined to outfit my entire kitchen with robins egg blue, vintage green, anything enamel, and anything French, This lovely little ditty is available from VintageJunkyStyle on Etsy.
Of course. Check out this handy tip for softening butter in a jiff. Maybe if I weren't so busy imagining myself driving around in my woody wagon while wearing my striped skirt, I would remember to take the butter out ahead of time.