Monday, June 7, 2010

Dirty Feet and Kettle Korn

Hot dang, it's flea market season! There's nothing like the feeling of coming home with grayish brown feet and a kettle korn kernel stuck in your teeth! This spring we kicked 'er off right at the Pioneer Power Swap Meet in Le Sueur. This was my first experience with the swap meet and it was quite glorious. It was a massive spread of tables, tents, and trailers full of rusty dusty crap. The first day was hot and dirty, the last day was cold and rainy. All you can eat pancakes and coffee made by old farm wives. Piles of unpriced goods and when you ask the peddler "how much for that?" he shrugs the shoulders under his seed company coat, sticks out his bottom lip, wrinkles his nose and replies "buck." Ya just can't beat it. 

I had gardening on the brain this round so I came home with some cutesies for the patio and an eight-dolla hoe that we finagled down to five. Sorry, hoe not pictured...

Another seasonal fave is Traders Market in Elko. A bit more of a sophisticated crew of serious dealers and collectors both buying and selling, however there's no shortage of grubby and shabby. And you know grubby and shabby happen to be two of my favorite flavors.

Came home from Traders with a pair of  delicious vintage poppy curtains, excellent condition, which I plan to turn into a couple'a pillows. Scored a few little vintage buttons and buckles. And I'm completely in love with the turquoise and red enamel spitoon, although I prefer the term urn. The dealer suggested I use it as a giant margarita glass. Pass the salt!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Introducing Miss Sophie

This sweet girl. When she wakes up in the morning she calls for me to come in get her, and then she pretends she's still asleep. When we get in the car she asks me to turn on country music. When given the opportunity to blow on a dandelion she wishes for her favorite princesses to "be in real life."
When we bake treats it's her job to crack the eggs. When deciding what to wear it must be something fab. When you first meet her she will appear to have nothing to say. When she decides you're smart enough to hear what she has to say you're in for an earful.

When I tuck her in at night she asks for extra kisses and sticky hugs that will stick to her all night. When I turn off the light and walk down the stairs she calls out "You're the best Mom ever!" So Sweet. So Smart. So Sophie.