Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who's hungry?

I'm always throwing wet spaghetti noodles of wisdom at my life. Some stick, and some don't.  This one stuck...
Feed what you want to grow.
I've heard this so many times, but in other forms : what you focus on expands, OR you get out what you put in, etc. But speak to me in terms of eating/food/feeding, and I'm able to process, apply, and retain.
This one's for real. Works like magic.
I just look for a part of my life that needs to grow. And then I feed it (duh?).
Or if I have something growing all wild and out of control,  I stop feeding it (double duh?). Or I feed it what it needs instead of what it wants, or what's easiest.

Yesterday I thought I'd spare these two geraniums and bring them in for the winter. If I feed them what they need, they'll grow, right? Right?? 

Anyway, looks like it's time for lunch.