Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Noticing a Pattern

As I'm sittin' and knittin' this Black and White Stripey Blossom baby hat baby hat for an order, I realized something. I think I might have a problem. With Stripes.

Black and white stripes like the ones on the shirt I'm wearing today.

And like the stripes on my sofa pillow.

And our upstairs bathroom rugs.


And Sophie's sweater. 
There's even more, and not just black and white. This house is filled with stripes! 
I'm thinking I love them because my head is filled with all kindsa' crazy colors, shapes, patterns, sandwiches...(like your's isn't?). The stripes, especially the B&W's, offer some sort of peace. A little down time for the brain box. You know what to expect. What comes after that black stripe? A white one of course.  It's simple, but still exciting and bold. I wonder if they planned it that way...

Next time we'll examine my obsessions with vintage rose patterns, houndstooth, and herringbone.