Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Taming My Stinker

Lesson #3: You and your 5 year old will not make beautiful cookies but that is okay.

I have this nasty little stinker that lives inside of me that always wants the outcome of a project to be perfectly lovely and quaint. I just discovered that a wonderful way to tame that little bugger is to make sugar cookies with my little Sophie.
We always end up with weird, flat, misshapen wafers iced with unappetizing colors, and way too many sprinkles on the cookies...  and the floor. 
But it's fun. Nobody gets hurt. Sophie gets to call some shots. It requires some serious effort on my part not to let that nasty stinker out of its cage.
Instead of perfectly lovely and quaint cookies, we had a perfectly lovely and quaint afternoon.
 And hopefully she won't end up with her own nasty stinker someday.