Sunday, November 28, 2010

I CAN and I will.

Lesson #5: I will resort to the can opener a little more often.

Meal planning is without a doubt my least favorite Domestic Duty. I'm always searching for variety while trying to please the fam. I prefer to make from scratch, with fresh ingredients, but I also want it to be fast and easy. I hate to grocery shop. Wha wha, wha.
So after a weekend of Thanksgiving left-overs, no cooking, and no groceries, I asked my husband: "What would YOU like me to make for dinner?" I never ask, and he never complains.
He was quiet for a minute and then he requested
OK. I can do that.
So I hauled it to the store, shelled out- what- nine bucks, and purchased a lovely blue can of chow mein, a red box of quick rice, and two different kinds of crunchy noodles. Whole thing, top to bottom, was ready in 10 minutes.  We were both nodding while we ate. Nodding in approval of the meal's effortless/economical/nostalgic values. We ate it often when we were first shackin' up and we both grew up eating it, so it gave us both a little bit of the warm and fuzzies.
I felt like the world needed to know about this. How easy it can be.
But you already know this. And you practice this.  And I will too, a little more often.