Friday, November 26, 2010

Little Full, Lotta Sap

Lesson #4: Cutting your own Christmas Tree is fun!

Every year we talk about cutting our own tree. Then we see a cozy little tree lot and pull right in, pay the boy scout, load up and drive home. Once again this year, we talked about doing it- like for real- and images of Griswold's Christmas Past began to swirl through my head.

But this year we drove right past the boy scouts and headed out to the  old Brewery Hill Tree Farm.
After a brief chat with The One and Only Santa Claus, we grabbed a saw and headed out.

And there was nothing Griswold about it. 

Very similar to the "pick your own apples" experience. Fresh air, pretty scenery, and lots of  families taking pictures. After a while the trees all started to look the same, and then we found it.
And then we posed with it like it's an item up for bid on the Price is Right. 

 Our family Lumberjack cut it down for us.

Our family Cutie Pie supervised the situation. 

And we were off. The kind tree folks gave it a shake (to eliminate excess pine needles as well as critters-eeek!) We handed Santa our cash, and loaded that bad boy up (the tree, not the Santa).

 A fun family memory, and maybe a new Klehr family tradition.