Thursday, May 31, 2012

Real Country Living

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Just takin' a coffee break, browsing through my Country Living Magazine. It's a total favorite. It's all of my hopes and dreams in the form of a monthly publication.
But I must have missed a couple issues.
I didn't get the issue where they mention that every window of your house will be filled with flies and every corner of every room will contain at least one spider.
I didn't get the issue with the photo shoot of the garden that was ripped to shreds from the 25 mph winds that regularly make their way through those romantic, wide open spaces.
I didn't get the issue with the cover shot of a sweet front porch with that painted wicker furniture and comfy pillows covered in an inch of gravel dust and little tiny gnats floating in the vintage pitcher of lemonade.
I didn't get the issue with the advice column on what to do when crazies stop at your house hoping that you can fill their gas tank, change their tire, or tell them why their car isn't working.
I didn't get the issue with the photo of the blonde farmer whose hair turned orange from the rusty water.
Ah well, I guess that's why they didn't name it Real Country Living.
And what did you say? Real life does not look anything like it does in magazines?
I'll still read it and drool over their gorgeous images of rural perfection.