Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Universe Speaks to You in Whispers

Oh Oprah, how much do I miss you?
"THISSS MUCH?" Oprah asked.
No Lady O, WAY more than that.
I've loved her and watched her and listened to her since I was a child. I'm pretty sure I have a file in my brain in which I store all of the information I've learned from her.
I'm okay with it if you hate her. I will still love her.
Anywho, my point: One of her big mantras is the idea that the universe (or God, or whatever you prefer) speaks to you. At first it whispers. And if you don't hear the whispers it will throw a little pebble. If you don't notice the pebble you get a big ol' rock... you get where I'm going with this, I know you do, you're very bright. The idea is that the longer you ignore these messages, the more apparent they will become until you are forced to react.
When The O-Dub (that's Oprah) talks, the J-Me (that's me, Jami) listens. 
And when the universe speaks, well I listen to that too.
So lately I've just been wondering (asking, or praying, whatever you want to hear) if there's something else/more I should be doing right now. And then I heard the whispers: blog blog blog.
But I didn't. Too busy. Little girl. Little baby. Lots of Sweet Baby Dolly orders. And I mean really, is anybody even reading this thing (I secretly hope not.)?
Now tonight, two times within 10 minutes I got the pebbles:
So there it is.
Back to the blog. I don't know why, and maybe I never will, but I heard the whispers, I noticed both pebbles, and now I have to react. If you think I'm a crazy wokka wing-nut talking up a bunch of hoo hoo, that's okay (cuz I pretty much am all of those things.).
But if you get what I'm sayin then Hi-Five for you.
What's the universe telling YOU?

p.s. One thing I don't listen to is my spell check... it's claiming that the following words aren't spelled correctly: wokka, hoo hoo, cuz, and sayin. That's a buncha foo-diddly.