Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pinspired: WE ROCK

...And summer has begun! My Little Lady is home for the summer, and I'm presented with the challenge of feeling like a good mum and providing a wee bit of fun every day. I saw this on Pinterest and thought we better give it a go:
  original source: muchas piedras on Flickr                                                                   

Ahhh! So fun, I know! We picked some rocks, we grabbed the paint, we got ourselves situated on the patio, and I realized a few things. One, I was dealing with a six year old. Two, our paint brushes were a much too large to produce such an exquisite level of detail. And three, we were limited to a very small time frame while Mr. Baby Boy took a nap. So we decided we'd just paint designs and free-wheel it. 
Hmmm, not quite the BAM! POW! we were envisioning, but we had a ton of fun. And we were done and cleaned up before Mr. Baby Boy woke up, and just as the sun was starting to pinken (ooh new word!) our cheeks. We know, we ROCK.