Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Confessions: I'm that lady

I'm that lady you saw at Target picking up the trail of grocery store coupons that I dropped all over the store. When I noticed they were gone, I'm not kidding you, I almost started to cry. My whole grocery list and meal plan revolved around those suckers (YES; once in a while I have my act together).  So I retraced my steps and found one, and another, and another...
I'm the same lady that finally got to the grocery store, completed her list, arrived at the checkout and realized she had lost them all again. Thankfully the sweetheart cashier punched in the codes for me.
Perhaps a paper clip attached to my shopping list is not the most effective way to tote my 'pons.
photo from article: How to Organize Coupons
I guess I've got aome reading to do?