Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Vintage Band Aid Plastic Strips Reuseable Tin Container photo from regansbrain on Etsy

Life is good. But accidents happen, right?
They say bad things happen in three's, so our family should be in the clear for the next few days.
Luckily all of three of our incidents were minor, non-life-threatening, and kinda funny...

Mishap #1:  The delightful young Sophie dropped her bowl of chicken alphabet soup on the kitchen floor, shattering the bowl, splattering all 26 letters, a few peas and carrots, and tons of yellowy brothy liquid all over the floor. Moments like this, we call in our trusty outside dog to come in and take care of the situation.

Mishap #2: Our family was enjoying the most gorgeous evening in months, by taking a bike ride on our gravel country road. My husband, poor husband, trying to race the dog (I don't know) stood up on his pedal to gain extra speed... and his chain broke. He landed on his forearms, with the bike on top of him, and I saw the whole thing. He pushed his bike back home, chain in hand, blood dripping from his arms, and a defeated look on his face.

Mishap #3: A recent cool down in temps combined with back to school shopping is getting me jazzed for autumn. I started thinking beer cheese soup and decided to make some. There come a point in the recipe, after everything is all nice and hot, when you  have to put the soup in a blender (you know where this is going...) to puree the veggies. The recipe clearly states: "Just make sure you don’t fill it more than a third full at a time and cover it tightly so you don’t end up with a soupy mess." Well, on my final round of blending I became impatient, as I often do in the kitchen, and filled the blender too full. I turned the blender on, and the hot boiling cheese soup exploded all over my face. Owww. Rather than turning the blender off quickly, I screamed and ran, leaving the blender to continue to explode all over the counter top.

All messes were cleaned up, nobody got injured to the point of medical treatment, and we all got a few chuckles, and I'm ready for a new day.