Sunday, August 7, 2011

Laundry La-La Land

You know you want one.
I know you've seen the pictures.

That beautiful laundry room, with large and lovely appliances. Storage baskets in custom cubbies. Fresh colors, natural light, crisp floral fabrics, and a smidge of vintage domestic flair.
And a checkered floor doesn't hurt either.

I'm wondering if I would make excuses to do laundry rather than make excuses to avoid laundry.

I'm wondering if it would ever be this tidy.

 My laundry room is located in the basement of a 140 year old house. Our washing machine and dryer are mismatched. The only storage baskets are ugly plastic ones arranged on an old metal rack. It's dimly lit by a rickety fluorescent light (romantic). The floor isn't checkered. It's cracked concrete. Eww, I know.
I'm thinking I'll prob just have to keep wondering.