Friday, March 22, 2013

Sweet Baby Boy, Volume 2 (!?!)

Check him out, it's Klehr Baby #3! And it's another boy!
I think I told you last time I found out I was having a boy that I wasn't sure what to feel. I was thrilled for the experience, but hadn't even considered what to do with a boy. Would it be possible to love him as much as I loved our little girl? I have to tell you, the biggest and best surprise of my life was discovering how much I could love a little boy.
 And here to shake things up is this Little Guy (those are his hands up by his face, they are blurry because he's waving at us)... Will it be possible to love HIM as much? We'll find out, and I'm sure we'll discover that my suspicions about parenthood are true:
Just when you think your heart is so full it will burst, it stretches and finds room for even more love. Even more joy. And even more surprises!