Thursday, November 22, 2012

In No Particular Order...

Family. Friends. Love.
Marriage. Motherhood.
Employment. Healthcare. Security.
Our warm home. 3 beds. Full bellies.
Baby toes. Freckles. Bearded kisses.
Giggles. Tears. Breath. Heartbeats.
Past experiences. This very moment. Future possibilities.
Coffee. Pizza. Clean water.
Peaceful moments. Stressful moments. Quiet. Noise.
Kitchen dance parties.
Shearling boots. Scarves. Onesies.
Faith. Wonder. Hope.
Healthy bodies. Strong minds.
School busses. Music. Online shopping.
America. Military. Freedom.
Girl power. Cheerios.
Dishwashers. DVR. Books on tape.
Pie. Peanut Butter. Pinterest.
Not too much. More than enough.

It's a good thing our family doesn't go around the table on Thanksgiving and say what we're thankful for. I'd still be sitting there, and my turkey would be cold.
I can't pick just one. It all adds up. The good, the annoying, the exciting, and boring... it all adds up to our life that is not perfect, but it's just right. I hope you feel the same about yours.