Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baby Got a Buzzcut

My husband has been saying for months that our little boy needs a buzz. I agreed that he needed a haircut, but I thought shearing his sweet little head was going a bit far. Some baby boys can pull of the full-head-of-hair look. I think it's cute when little boys have long-er-ish hair. I know lots of little dudes who pull it off quite well. Not ours. It waaseither sticking up or falling in his eyes. It was light and fluffy and uneven and he had a big bulk of curl in the back which was beginning to resemble a rat tail. The picture below doesn't do justice.
He woke up Saturday morning, with his bangs plastered to his forehead by snot (sorry) and I decided it was time. I asked my husband how long the longest setting on our clipper was, and within 60 seconds the little guy was naked and sitting on the bathroom counter with a pile of fishy crackers in front of him (the baby, not the husband!).

I cried the whole time. Like sobbed. I've always thought it was weird when mothers refused to give their babies haircuts, but I will judge no longer. I get it. I was starting to see how different he was going to look, and I was afraid he would look weird, or bald, or creepy.
I was wrong. He's still adorable. Even cuter. We're all even more obesessed with him.
And he likes it when we scratch his head with our fingertips.