Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You Just Don't Know

There is a little boy in my daughter's grade whose mom passed away last week. I don't know him, I don't know the family, but there hasn't been an hour that I haven't thought about him.
I keep thinking about the moments when he is at school and he suddenly remembers that his mom won't be at home when he gets off the bus. Or when he wakes up in the morning and realizes that it wasn't just a bad dream. I keep finding myself looking up at the sky and praying that he has someone to tuck him in at night. Someone who is going to do all they can to help him grow up. 
You just don't know what else to do for a little boy who has lost his mom.
You just don't know who you will have to say goodbye to sooner than you'd planned.
You just don't know how important all of those little things that you do as a mom are.
You just don't know when your babies will lose you. 
You just don't know what their last memory of you will be.
Jeez Louise, go kiss your babies.