Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bag Lady

I need another bag like I need a hole in my head.
I don't mean handbag, like a purse, I mean like tote bags. I have a ba-jillion, I love them, and I use them everyday. So with Mr. Baby about to arrive I get to justify another bag purchase... a diaper bag!
Do a search for diaper bag and you're going to find all kinds of scary specimens covered in giraffes and ducks (sorry, it's just not my thing). There are also some extraordinary beauties made from those lovely designer fabrics by Amy B and Anna M. H... really I love them, but my husband protests because goodness gracious, he might have to walk into a room carrying the bag, and he'd prefer if it wasn't covered in dahlia blooms and sparrows. So I thought I'd share a few duck-free, gender neutral, non-diapery looking diaper bags I found while sifting through Etsy listings.

Stockholm Diaper Bag by Ika Bags in... yes, Paris. How fab I know. I initially decided I couldn't justify this one, but after peeking at the shop again this morning, I might be revisiting the idea. Price is totally reasonable ($60), but shipping is steep from France. However, when people compliment your diaper bag (because they will) you can flick your hair back and say in a deep, sassy voice "Why thank you it's from Paris." And then your friends will roll their eyes at you. Love it.

Love this shop! And love the Margot Tote!
Nikolette Bags from Portland has a great variety of style and color combos. Their shop announcement states that they are in the process of adding new designs, so I'm kinda waiting to see what else they come up with. It may not be French, but if you ask me, American-handmade is just as shmancy.

Project Bag in Olive. This shop, Bayan Hippo (Turkiye, Europe) has bags that I swear were created from the inside of my brain while I sleep at night. I love every listing in this shop. Clean, classic, simple, good colors, functional design, and so beyond reasonably priced. I creep on the shop regularly just to get some jollies. LOVE.

So I've got some decision making to do. I'm that annoying buyer who feels the need to see absolutely every option available, then stew and simmer for a good 3 months before making a purchase. The great thing about all 3 of these bags is that when the diaper days are over they can go straight into circulation in my tote bag stash. Woo!