Sunday, May 29, 2011

Here, Fishy fishy fishy fishy...

Klehr family fun. River fishing.
Look how excited we are...

Aren't they cute. And yes my husband is wet from the waist down (don't ask).

I decided to take a break when my line got stuck in a tree (again, don't ask), and spent some time fulfilling my dream of becoming one of those sneaky, anonymous, street artists.

We took the scenic route back to the car, and one of us ended up hiking through the woods with only one shoe (listen, I've had enough of your questions). 

We were happy to get home, and gathered around a bonfire, Sophie requested some ghost stories. Her daddy told an impressive story about a man who built a baseball diamond on his farm and played with baseball players that came out of the cornfield. Her mom caught on to this idea and told a watered down version about a writer and his family who took a vacation to a big old hotel which turned out to be haunted. Someday she'll realize how clever we aren't.

p.s. Since your so inquistive today, I know you're wondering... and the answer is NO. We did not catch any fish.