Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mama

THE best present I've ever gotten in my entire life for anything, EVER. My little freckled munchkin asked me for the stapler about a week ago. I let her bring it up to her room. She was working on a project. Turns out she was working on a book for me for Mothers Day. All by herself, nobody told her to do it, and nobody helped her.
I never used to believe Moms, including my own, when I heard them say that the homemade gifts are the best. Now I believe.

The title is I Love You Mom, by Sophie Klehr.

You are the best mom. (insert welling eyes).

You are in my heart mom (insert big fat falling tears).

I love you Mommy (insert full blown sob).

If you need me I'll be scraping up my melted heart and putting it in the freezer so it is no longer in the form of a puddle.