Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring it On!

What a glorious weekend to get out and get things cleaned up! Bending down to pick up sticks and yank out weeds, getting those arms moving again as I rake-rake-rake out the gardens and sweep-sweep-sweep off the patio. It's been a loooong winter just sitting and knitting, and my body sure is happy to get moving again.

And what have we here? Tulips poppin'!
As you can see, my rubber boot fantasy did not become a reality, SOLD OUT {frown}, but can't complain about the houndstooth {grin}. Rubber boots are serious business around here. I'm on my third pair in a year and a half. They keep getting holes in them. That's right! Because I wear them for real-live working. And of course a little bit of playing too.

Little Munchkin whoops me when we play tag, but I come out on top when we play hide and seek.