Friday, January 14, 2011

Fab Foto Friday, Bye Bye Twins, Hello Bull.

All the hub-bub about the shifting of our zodiac signs inspired me to post this image of toddling twins (my aunt and uncle). I don't get too much into astrology, but I am a believer and a lover of all things hoo-doo.
I'm also a believer and a lover of funny, six letter, hyphenated, made up, rhyming words.
I was born a Gemini, ya know, the twins? But I always knew I was a Taurus. And now I can be. Phew.
Although in reading some of the articles on this topic you are technically supposed to stick with the sign you were born under, and there's some rule about the sun, and maybe you can be half one sign and half of another, blah blah... Like I said, I don't get too much into it, so I'm just gonna run with this Taurus thing.
Oh. That was so not supposed to be a joke about running with the bulls. Too. Much. Coffee.
But anyway, about the picture. Precious, isn't it?  Wouldn't you love to walk into each one of those homes and snoop around. Or take a ride around the block in one of those cars. It looks like Spring. Judging by their pristine little outfits, it might be Easter?  Oh! And those hats! I'm thinking I might have to get the needles out and come up with a knit version of a sailor hat before my caffeine wears off.
Happy Friday Kids!