Thursday, January 6, 2011

Boot Fetish

A-ha-ha-ha-ha. I love to say I told you so. My old winter boots had holes in them. So I did need new ones. I did. These boots are so completely beautifully functional, and you just can't beat the pink stitching (and the red soles! swoon). I will wear them until they collapse. And now I'm thinkin'...
The seed catalog arrived in the mail. It rained last week. Christmas is over and the snow has lost its charm. It happens to this Minnesota girl every year. The January Spring Crave-a-thon. I'm not longing for my flip flops yet, that happens in the end of February. Now I'm thinking about dirt. Sprouts. Buds. That fresh, wet smell in the air when everything starts to thaw.
...So back to my thinkin'. Golly gee I just realized my rain boots have holes in them too, shucks. I guess I'll have to start thinking obsessing about some new ones.
I was with my family when I stumbled upon them. I made a weird whispery grunting sound and pulled Sophie's hand to follow me. She saw them too and immediately said "Oh Mom those are You-ish."
My husband even agreed that I needed to have them. He understands the importance of proper footwear and that a country girl should not have holes in her boots.
So these too, WILL BE MINE. I'll wait a while, maybe I can catch them on sale. We've got a lot of winter left. I better go put another log on the fire.