Monday, October 28, 2013

Honey, We're Home!

Phew! I'm back! So...many...changes... this year.... My husband got a new job, we had a(nother) baby, and at the end of the summer we packed up the big brick house and moved our family to town.  

The time we spent at the big brick house was so special. We kept it simple. And quiet. We kept warm in the winter with wood, cool in the summer with ice cream.  We grew from a family of three to a family of five. My husband and I said goodbye to our twenties and hello to our thirties. We learned how to grow and eat food straight out of the ground. We met new friends and joined a new community to call home. Erik learned how to kill a bat (while I curled up in the fetal position on the floor of the closet in a puddle of sweat and tears). Sophie learned how to read, say her R's, climb trees, and ride a two-wheel bike. Charlie learned how to walk, run, and get exactly what he wants through charm and wit. Caleb learned how to open his eyes. I started a little business from a stash of yarn, and discovered my confidence in sharing my creativity (I also discovered my paralyzing fear of flying rodents). 
We walked out the door a completely different family than when we first walked in. There will always be a little bundle of sweeteness in my heart for that house, the time we spent there, and the memories we created on that little piece of land.
So here we are-walking through the door of our new house- this one made of wood, with french windows, glass knobs, and plenty lots of closets. We love it here, and can't wait to find out who we will become while we're here. More to learn, and more changes to come. 
Stay tuned... xoxo