Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hence forth, today will be known as the day I let Justin Bieber into my heart.

I can't promise you he's gonna stay there long (my niece just briefed me on RUMORS that his girlfriend is toasting a bun. Oh garsh.). But he's in there for now, and we jam: me, JB, and Sophie. In the car mostly. I typically go for a cleaner type of music, like with instruments, no dance troop, less styling, less production. But I finally realized that me not liking the little bugger is just going to make my daughter love him more. Just a taste, I suppose, of what we will be dealing with when she's 16...or 15... or 14... or... excuse me, I think I just blacked out.
My big secret mission is to show her that I respect her opinions. I will no longer spit-up at the sound of his voice. I will sing along.