Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Up to Your Knees Out There!

OH! Listen to my MinnesOta accent when I tell you this winter storm was a dOOOzy! Yuh.
Once again we hunkered. And we ate. The day started out with frosted cinnamon rolls. Then some nachos and a beer for lunch. And all day we had a pork roast cooking in the pot. Roasted some veggies. Oooh mama. I'll keep going. Toasted pound cake with peaches and vanilla bean ice cream. A big snowstorm is always a good excuse to over-eat lots of white, heavy, comfort food.
It's also a good excuse to knit...

I made a mitten for a teacher gift. But she does have two hands so I have to make another one. Hmm.
And I started on a new Sweet Baby Dolly design for late winter. Sneak peak:


After thousands of calories, dozens of logs, 3 Christmas movies, 10 hours of sleep, and about 17 inches of snow we were able to dig ourselves out and return to life. We felt so thankful to be warm and comfy in this old brick house. YoU BETCHA!